Friday, December 18, 2020

A Nametag Is Necessary - "All Baths Are Ritual" (ft. Saint DeAngelus)

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Find out from Saint DeAngelus what:

  • Five artists, and 3 producers would be on his fantasy label roster, if he had millions of dollars in the budget
  • His 3 go to classic albums
  • Which collective of music artists he feel left, or is leaving a lasting impact on the music business and in the culture
  • Six songs he'd create a playlist with if these were the only songs he could hear for the next six months
  • What he'd contribute to improving the music business

We also discuss his audio experience, compilation titled "All Baths Are Ritual" that will be available 12.21.20 directly on his website, Check out the first single from #ABAR by Nametag Alexander titled "Outwrk Evrbdy" produced by J.R. Got The Hits, which is also on the Saint DeAngelus website, and coming to all platforms to buy/stream music soon.

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